Future GOF Central meets:

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Past GOFs:  Photos, Winners, etc.

Click the arrowhead in the image above to view a 4 minute video of the highlights of the Akron meet.

2017 --   GOF Central Mk XXXVIII -- Akron, Ohio:  Awards Winners


2016  --  MG2016 - National Meet


2015  --  GOF Mk XXXVII  --  Carmel, Indiana:  Photos   Message   Olde Octagons of Indiana    Winners


2014 --   GOF Mk XXXVI  --  Chaska, Minnesota  Web Page


2013  --  GOF Mk XXXV   St Charles, Missouri  Winners


2012  --  GOF Mk XXXIV  St Charles, Illinois   Photos


2011  --  GOF Mk XXXIII  Kalamazoo, Michigan  Photos by Jerry Cihak


2010  --  GOF Mk XXXII  Lake Erie, (Huron) Ohio  Photos 1  Photos 2


2009  --  GOF Mk XXXI  Sheboygan, Wisconsin


2008  --  GOF Mk XXX  Auburn, Indiana


2007  --  GOF Mk XXIX  Chaska, Minnesota


2006  --  GOF Mk XXVIII  Lake of the Ozarks


2005  --  GOF Mk XXVII  Chicago,  Illinois


2004  --  GOF Mk XXVI  Dayton, Ohio  Photos


2003  --  GOF Mk XXV  Delavan, Wisconsin

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